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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love is the force that makes the world go ’round. Our thoughts about love and what it means to us power that force.

Today is the official day of love—Valentine’s Day. But what is love really? Most people say they can’t choose who they love. Or that love just happens. Still others say that love is something you measure. And others say love can’t be measured. But who’s right?

Love, in its purest form, is an unstoppable force that can do miraculous things. When I was a teenager, I remember hearing “if you love someone, let them go. If they come back to you, they’re really yours and if they don’t come back, they never were yours.”

That was difficult to understand back then, but now I realize how true a statement it is. You cannot lose something that is yours by Divine Right.

So on this Valentine’s Day, I wish for you Love and Joy and the Happiness that comes with having in your life the love that is yours by Divine Right.

Happy Valentine’s Day 2013!

The Divine Plan

There is a Divine Plan for every living thing, a plan so marvelous, so wondrous that we cannot begin to imagine it. When you are living the Divine Plan for your life, each day unfolds in perfect ease and harmony.

You’ve probably met someone who seems to live a charmed life. Whatever she wants, she gets. Wherever she goes, she meets helpful, friendly people. And, what’s more, she seems happy almost all of the time. People wonder, ‘What’s her secret?”

Truthfully, her secret is so simple, it’s hard.

Her secret is that she has faith that everything she wants to be, do, and have is possible.

She’s on the Divine Path that is meant for her by Divine Right. She’s living the life of her dreams. But how did she get there? And how does she stay on that Divine Path?

Good questions. When we’re children. we are very much in tune with the Divine Plan for us. And, although we spend a certain number of years trying out different scenarios—I want to be a doctor; I want to be a lawyer: I want to be a rock star—eventually, one thing stands out in our minds and keeps repeating itself like a 45-rpm record stuck in a groove. (Yes, I remember vinyl records!)

The catch is that most of us, by the time we’re old enough to act upon that one thing that stands out for us, have discarded the child-like sense of wonder and the faith that we can do, be, or have whatever we want. We’ve discarded it because we’ve suffered so many disappointments that we’ve bought into what Don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom (A Toltec Wisdom Book) calls the Race Thought. The word ‘Race’ in this sense stands for Human Race.

You see, humankind believes that we live in a three-dimensional world and that we are bound by something called karmic law. For most humans, this is their truth and their reality. So they place limits on themselves and on what they can be, do, and have. And, guess what? Those limits become their reality.

However, for a special few (and I hope you are going to be one of them), there is a Fourth Dimension, the World of the Wondrous, the world most people left behind when they left childhood.

In that Fourth Dimension World, you live the Divine Plan, the life plan that is yours by Divine Right. When you live in that place, your life seems charmed. Things work seemingly like magic. It’s a wonderful, magical, marvelous place.